Myths about AI

Evans on machine learning an AI

Florian Sauter

2 minute read

What comes into your mind when thinking about artificial intelligence and machine learning? Assosiations of flying saucers? Or Google, Facebook and China ruling the world with their (evil?) empires of data? Or the conversations with family and friends that have read in the newspaper that AI will now take over and replace all of our jobs?

Inside Apple's design process

Myths and patterns of innovation

Florian Sauter

4 minute read

I stumbled upon this book written by Ken Kocienda recently. And it seemed like a great chance to understand a bit more about Apple’s secret sauce, especially as Apple is notoriously secretive abouts its internals. So I decided to buy the book (despite the fact that the paperback version has one of the ugliest book covers in history - which is kind of funny as one would expect exactly the opposite from something that talks about Apple).