Product Roadmaps done right

Frustrated by roadmapping? Watch this!

Florian Sauter

1 minute read

I have been frustrated with creating roadmaps for a long time – until I met Bruce McCarthy at a workshop. I stumbled across a great video of his that gives a pretty nice summary of his roadmapping approach.

Andy Grove's High Output Management

Recap of the High Output Management book

Florian Sauter

9 minute read

I finally managed to pick up some long standing items from my reading list over the holidays. Here’s a few notes from Andy Grove’s “High Output Management”. My expectations were set pretty high as the book was advertised by several people to me as the ultimate management bible. However, I have to admit that I was not completely blown away – maybe that’s a good sign though, as many of the key concepts probably have just made it into common management wisdom. So…

A Philosophy of Software Design

Extracts from A Philosophy of Software Design

Florian Sauter

7 minute read

A colleague of mine pointed me to a book called “A Philosophy of Software Design” by John Ousterhout. It tackles a very interesting point: students of software engineering (and less so self-educated programmers) often times learn a lot about object orientation, algorithms and all kinds of funky theory, but there is very little time spent on practical software design. The preface of the book also raises the thought that this mystical difference in productivity between the best…