Outcomes over outputs

Short summary of Outcomes over outputs

Florian Sauter

4 minute read

The concept of using outcomes over output has caught my attention pretty early on in my career - as it’s such an obvious and seemingly easy concept, yet still hard to implement properly. And at times it produces somewhat challenging situations when working with people who are used to working in a more “command and control” like environment.

Rethinking bounded contexts

Learnings about DDD, bounded contexts and team autonomy

Florian Sauter

5 minute read

I was wrestling quite a bit with my colleagues recently about how we could benefit from DDD, especially from the notion of bounded contexts. We somehow felt that the concept is an important building block for how we split up our services, but we had some trouble to really make the DDD ideas work in practice.

The Effective Engineer

Book review - The effective engineer

Florian Sauter

9 minute read

“Time is our most finite asset, and leverage – the value we produce per unit of time – allows us to direct our time toward what matters most”. This is one of the core ideas of the book “The Effective Engineer” by Edmund Lau.