Outcomes over outputs

Short summary of Outcomes over outputs

Florian Sauter

4 minute read

The concept of using outcomes over output has caught my attention pretty early on in my career - as it’s such an obvious and seemingly easy concept, yet still hard to implement properly. And at times it produces somewhat challenging situations when working with people who are used to working in a more “command and control” like environment.

Andy Grove's High Output Management

Recap of the High Output Management book

Florian Sauter

9 minute read

I finally managed to pick up some long standing items from my reading list over the holidays. Here’s a few notes from Andy Grove’s “High Output Management”. My expectations were set pretty high as the book was advertised by several people to me as the ultimate management bible. However, I have to admit that I was not completely blown away – maybe that’s a good sign though, as many of the key concepts probably have just made it into common management wisdom. So…

Key points from Accelerate

Some extracts from the Accelerate book

Florian Sauter

6 minute read

I recently read Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble and Gene Kim. This is not a classical book summary, but rather a collection of thoughts from the book which I found worth noting down. I have to say upfront: I really love the book’s approach of only presenting results that have a measurable proof - which sets it apart nicely from all kinds of heavily opinionated literature on software development and delivery. However, it also makes the results less surprising than one might expect,…