Rethinking bounded contexts

Learnings about DDD, bounded contexts and team autonomy

Florian Sauter

5 minute read

I was wrestling quite a bit with my colleagues recently about how we could benefit from DDD, especially from the notion of bounded contexts. We somehow felt that the concept is an important building block for how we split up our services, but we had some trouble to really make the DDD ideas work in practice.

A Philosophy of Software Design

Extracts from A Philosophy of Software Design

Florian Sauter

7 minute read

A colleague of mine pointed me to a book called “A Philosophy of Software Design” by John Ousterhout. It tackles a very interesting point: students of software engineering (and less so self-educated programmers) often times learn a lot about object orientation, algorithms and all kinds of funky theory, but there is very little time spent on practical software design. The preface of the book also raises the thought that this mystical difference in productivity between the best…

My notes on 'Monolith to Microservices'

Book notes on Monolith to Microservices by Sam Newman

Florian Sauter

4 minute read

I got Sam Newman’s new book ‘Monolith to Microservices’ in my handy and scribbled down a few notes that I found worth extracting. This is by no means a full book summary - which indeed is difficult to a book that already is a summary on the topic.