Nine lies about work

Book review on Nine Lies About Work

Florian Sauter

10 minute read

Recently I read “Nine lies about work - A freethinking leader’s guide to the real world” by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall. The book’s provoking title caught my attention. I was not disappointed, although I have to admit that the book occurred a bit lengthy to me at times. Let me share some of my take-aways in this summary.

Misunderstandings in innovation cultures

Common misunderstandings around Innovation Cultures

Florian Sauter

3 minute read

Last year I did a review of Marty Cagan’s “Inspired” book. The book provided a characterization of innovation cultures and how the best product companies in the world differ from the rest. He characterized innovation cultures as open minded, with a high willingness to experiment, empowerment and business- and customer-savy teams. These all are very easy to like characteristics, yet they seem to be really hard to implement in a way that really yields great results. I learnt from my own journey…

Myths about AI

Evans on machine learning an AI

Florian Sauter

2 minute read

What comes into your mind when thinking about artificial intelligence and machine learning? Assosiations of flying saucers? Or Google, Facebook and China ruling the world with their (evil?) empires of data? Or the conversations with family and friends that have read in the newspaper that AI will now take over and replace all of our jobs?